Community Supporters

It is with great pleasure that we share this information with our partners, social service and community leaders. We have assisted in employing more than 1,000 clients needing a job in different organizations. Many of our clients have made splendid contributions to our employers and partnering organizations while contributing to society and serving our community.

All of this could not have been possible without the cooperation and all out support of our valued partners like Sony, ARI, Nestles, State Senators, Several City Alderman, Secretary of State of Illinois Jessie White, Community Activist Andrew Holmes, Marcus King, Cook County Department of Corrections, Cook County Circuit Courts, Al Rider - Aldermen's Office, Father Michael Pflegher of Saint Sabina and many, many others.

We want to express our gratitude on your continued support and cooperation in this regard. No Adults Left Behind Educational and Resource Center is a great service to the City of Chicago and "Changing your life for the better" is our motto. No Adults Left Behind is looking forward to a long lasting relationship between Social Service Agencies, Community Leaders, People In Need and Employers Looking to Hire. Warm Regards, Executive Director Mr. Ellis.

Partial list of employers intending to hire our graduates: