Need Employees?

In a job market where the economy is weak and unemployment is high, finding qualified employees may be difficult. Think about the type of employees that you want to hire. The skill level and experience requirements you set will determine the best search method for you. Do you need someone to make deliveries or wait on customers? Are you looking for a project manager for your technical team? Do you need someone with experience and specialized skills?

There are thousands of exceptional candidates out there, but not every one of them is going to be the right fit. As a company you don't just need people who are capable of doing the job, you need to find people who are passionate about what the company does and believe in its vision. This might mean hiring someone with less experience in your field and turning down someone who is perfect on paper.

One of NALB goals is to figure out what characteristics the candidate has and then get a feel for how they map to Your company values. Have they done something entrepreneurial in the past? Have they demonstrated integrity in a tough situation? Are they driven toward innovation? These priority values will be different for every company and its extremely important to know what is most important. The reality is, working at certain companies can be tough at times. To make it you need to have passion for what you’re doing and you need to mesh with the ideals of of the company.

There are a few Characteristics we look for in the interview process, but references tend to be the most revealing background check into a person's character. Employers, If you need 5 employees or 500 employees, WE CAN MEET YOUR HIRING NEEDS! Please contact a NALB at 773-982-7204 or email us at and a Case Advisor will respond to your request appropriately.