International/Bi-Lingual Students

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Hi, I am Mary, I am from United States, and I am your Executive Director of Admissions for International Students. This might not make any sense to you for now but it mostly means that my job is to take care of you, the international student reading this. My office is Located in Chicago with solid connections in Puerto Rico. If you ever need anything, you can also email me at and I hold new student orientation sessions every Wednesday from 11am to 12pm to go over details about enrolling into the High School diploma Program, or have any ideas that could help improve the life of international students call me at 773-901-9094 Direct. Our Main School is located in Chicago, Illinois and Our main office can be reached at 773-982-7204 You have taken the first step in pursuing your High School Diploma at No Adults Left Behind High School. I believe that you have the qualities to earn your High School Diploma at No Adults Left Behind High School. Your goal now, is to apply your interest and motivation by requesting an information packet by completing the form below Have a great week and I look forward to you becoming a student with No Adults Left Behind High School. P.S. Remember, return your completed enrollment forms today. With your future in mind, Enroll Now!!